Franchise Category : Retail
Sector : Retail
Service : Gift shop
Concept : The global korean, Fast fashion brand
Territory : PAN INDIA
Training Provided : Yes
Marketing Support : Yes
Agreement Term : 5 Years
Number Of Units : 20+
Units Outside Country : 1000
Investment Required : 50Lac - 70Lac
Space Required : 1000sft - 2000sft
Business Established : 2016
Franchising Commenced : 2018
Qualifications Required : Good business acumen

About Us


★ 2008.3---The predecessor of the 2358 brand is born, which named wenbo, with the full sale of electronic commerce, the monthly sales volume reaches hundreds of thousands RMB 2009 The volume of compress bags has exceeded 13 million in Taobao website. It is called "compression bag king" in the e-commerce industry. Meanwhile, the "Zhejiang Wen Bo daily products Co., Ltd." was established.   

★ 2010---Wenbo brand on the basis of the entire network sales, wenbo comprehensive B2C large department store is launched, wenbo brand VIS comprehensive upgrade.

★ 2011---Wenbo brand has been in China central television channel 1, channel 4 and channel 7 (CCTV-1, CCTV-4, CCTV-7)carry on the omni-directional brand propaganda.  

★ 2012.6---During the "China brand dream show" held jointly by the China e-commerce association, alibaba and the people government of guangdong province, wenbo was awarded "one of the top ten global online brands in 2012".

★ 2013.1---In yiwu fair, the people government of yiwu has awarded our company "e-business demonstration unit", and Mr. Song guanghui, chairman of the company, won "one of the top ten e-commerce leaders in yiwu city".  

★ 2013.5---Mr. Song guanghui, chairman of the company, won the title of "entrepreneur talent" of alibaba group, and "one of the top ten outstanding young people in jinhua city".

★ 2014---Mr. Song guanghui, chairman of the company, talked to China's premier li keqiang as a representative of yiwu city small and medium-sized enterprises. In the same period, Mr. Song guanghui, talked with li yifei, the leader of CPC in yiwu city-1, in the cctv-2.

★ 2014.10---The 2358 chain brand was planning operation. By the end of December there were already 20 stores. Mr. Song guanghui, chairman of the company, won the "one of the top ten outstanding young e-commerce companies in yiwu city".

★ 2015---Mr. Song guanghui, chairman of the company, won the "Business nova in yiwu city"and "The star of yiwu fair".      

★ 2016.7---The 2358 global chain franchisees have exceeded 600 shops and the wenbo brand regional exclusive agent has officially started business invitation.

★ 2017.4---The 2358 headquarters flagship store opened in yiwu creative park, attracting domestic and foreign franchisees


About Us:

The company operates a growing chain of concept stores for the whole family." 2358"  is a Korean term meaning "cute" 2358" specialty is offering wide variety of unique products in different segments. All products have a colorful theme and adorable content in it. The brand believes that simplicity is perfect ! and so, this perfection is dedicated to all the shopping enthusiasts out there. 

 In 2358 we aim to offer earthlings with products from KOREA with colorful theme and adorable content in it.2358 is a very unique and different brand from others because of the fusion idea of young and colorful Korean lifestyle fashion. The products offerings are extremely popular among the young professionals and students as well as housewife at the age of 16 to 43.Our products always of the latest trend found in Korea, which is very popular among the local community. These are the groups of traffic that 2358 is generating on a regular basis.

Why 2358?

  • Proven Concept
  • Innovative Prouducts
  • Attractive Margins

In 2358, unique product layout design is our utmost practice in our production line. With the availability of famous designers across the globe innovating newideas, shoppers will be seeing new batch of products every quarter. This is our promise to shoppers, stay instyle and trendy and will never be out-dated when you shop in 2358. 2358 products are mainly imported from Korea and partially manufactured by the authorized partner in China. 2358 pledge to provide the fans with quality products at affordable price

The Opportunity

To be part of retails business

Our Products

Utilly Store, Stuff Toys ,Gift Items,Lifestyle

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Name : Franchisenretail.Com
Job Title : Consultant
Telephone : 9485565666
Mobile : 8882219746

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