RIVIGO Services Pvt Ltd

RIVIGO Services Pvt Ltd

Franchise Category : Business Services
Sector : Logistics
Service : Securities
Concept : Logistic Company
Territory : PAN INDIA
Training Provided : Yes
Marketing Support : Yes
Agreement Term : 5 Years
Number Of Units : 20 - 25
Units Outside Country : NA
Investment Required : 10Lac - 20Lac
Space Required : 400sft - 1000sft
Business Established : 2014
Franchising Commenced : 2015
Qualifications Required : NA

About Us


We are a technology company that is building the material movement pipeline of India through a globally unique innovation of relay trucking, enabled by a strong interplay of technology, data, culture and operational excellence. Our goal is making logistics human, faster, safer and cost-effective.

Rivigo is solving a real and fundamental problem of truck driver shortage using a breakthrough relay model.

Our mission is to ensure each truck driver, the pilot, now spends less time away from his family, thereby leading a life of meaning, dignity and respect.

We have been transforming the sector with our global-first driver relay model and cutting-edge technology to consistently provide unparalleled delivery times and reliability to our clients.

We are solving the full range of challenges of the logistics industry using technology — be it complex problems like fuel analytics, route planning, human behaviour analysis or pure-drudgery elimination tasks like auto-alert systems and intelligent decision systems. Our technology obsession has resulted in simple, intuitive technology products gaining quick and easy adoption by the trucking ecosystem stakeholders.

We are contributing to building the new India by defining the next-generation trucking industry.

With accurate predictions, high levels of efficiency, simple automated operations, and a strong and pure mission, we are re-imagining logistics for India and the world.

It is a mission that is larger than all of us – one that needs more than just employees doing their job right. Everyone at Rivigo is a passionate owner building an organization of the future which has the resolve and mettle to build the New India.




We aspire to build and connect India by creating a collaborative and harmonious ecosystem where stakeholders will work together to build a sector which, contrary to its current state, will be known for its safety, reliability, transparency, precision and the ability to create value for everyone.

The core of whatever is done at RIVIGO is rooted strongly in this broader purpose. While we started with a mission to make logistics human through the driver relay model, we are driven by the opportunity to make India’s logistics infrastructure world-class through data and technology while also building the country’s most inspirational place to work at.

The Opportunity

To be the part of fastest growing logistic chain with great returns

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Name : Franchisenretail.Com
Job Title : Consultant
Telephone : 01204295868
Mobile : 9485565666

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