28 Jan 2020

                                                                          LOW COST FOOD FRANCHIS OPPORTUNITY                                                              

Excellent franchise bussiness opportunities in food  Start your bussiness with low cost Bussiness option....

1.Burger express

2.the burger company

3.youth cafe   

THE BURGER COMPANY  Neelam Singh and Nitesh Dhankhar quit their well paying corporate jobs to pursue their love for food. After thoroughly researching the market, they started the first-ever outlet of The Burger Company in Palam Vihar in 2016. Before curating the menu and launching the food joint, both the partners tried and tested each dish multiple times to ensure quality and taste. After many rejections and modifications, they finally managed to create a menu that had offerings to entice all age groups. USPThe founders ensured the prices of each and every item on the menu was as affordable as those in office canteens, but have much better taste and variety. Their classic Aloo Tikki Burger, for example, costs just INR 39. What keeps the menu interesting is the smart mix and match of various flavours, like Chinese spices, Mexican herbs, tandoori Indian flavours. To complement the burgers, the brand also offers a range of wraps, momos, fries, nachos, popcorns, nuggets, drinks, and desserts.Future PlansThe Burger Company is quite confident about its food offering and aims to expand quickly in the coming few years. The brand expects to grow and open 50 new stores by December 2020 and is now inviting investors to explore prospective franchise opportunities as well.                                                              

BURGER EXPRESS BURGER EXPRESS is most  affodible price in india   this buger is too yummy  and chiep burger BURGER EXPRESS  is  most populler brand in india  burger express provet yummest burger youth cafe One such budding market for youth can be jot down as Coffee Café’s as they have become the largest youth aggregator, and from a marketing stand point, the success has come by focusing on the 3As: Accessibility, Affordability and Acceptability. Keeping this in mind “YOUTH CAFÉ”-chain of coffee café’s was launched in coffee market. You must be thinking hard that what’s so unique about this café as it serves the same coffee and snacks which other café’s are serving?? what it will effect on our pockets so on so forth. To answer all your queries it’s simple that “YOUTH CAFÉ” basically deals with youth as all coffee café’s pitches all age groups but as it’s name suggests so is its concept connected. And as it is for youth’s so it’s menu is priced keeping mind Youths. So, definitely it won’t empty your pocket much.. Our Mission Continuously innovate to increase Youth satisfaction by offering high quality coffee drinks & complementary foods in a comfortable, inviting and luxurious environment.